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2D Turn-based fantasy strategic RPG for mobile and tablet platform. Formerly only available in iOS, EPIDGames now publishes it in iOS and Android. EPIDGames refined from former version in many ways including scenarios and end-game contents. Explore the refined world of Black Citadel and enjoy the enhanced contents.
In the world of Black Citadel, Demon King poses as threat to this world. Demon King will resurrect again even if a hero manages to kill him. During the last Great War, the alliance defeated Demon King. Band of heroes beheaded Demon King and peace came. People just started to live their life again. However, scouts reported that monsters are getting restless again and strange events are occurring everywhere. Again, the world needs heroes. Could this be a prelude to Demon King’s resurrection?
Black Citadel was inspired by many classic PC RPG games. Using Active Time Base system, battles simulates real-time battle, which just one skill can turn the tide of battle. You can also collect materials by slaying monsters to craft powerful gears, which will assist you fighting tougher and stronger enemy. Use unique skills of each hero and enhance their might by crafting mighty gears to defeat the waves of monsters to level up and face the arch enemy, Demon King.

Been there, done that; think you are strong and tough enough? Challenge the “raid mode” and face the endless wave of monsters. Compete with others on leaderboard through raid score.


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Demon King has risen again!

Once defeated by heroes of Citadel, the nemesis of the world, Demon King, has risen again to bring apocalypse. Explore the Black Citadel’s world of fantasy and fight with the heroes who have defeated Demon King and will do it again, once and for all.