Cross-platform game based on three primary colors, unique Puzzle-Shooting mix genre game. EPIDGames strongly has confidence that Paint Heroes is an EPIC including ingenious bosses who have variety tactics and patterns, fairy tale story without violence, full animated cartoon graphic, etc. Please enjoy the creative game genre what you never played before.

In RGB world. color is the power. Power of colors brought peace and prosperity to everyone, and all was alright; a true paradise. But someone stole the color powers, and made the army of evil. He now plans to rule the world! In this chaotic time, RGB warriors has taken up their arms again to bring down the army of evil and the evil  mastermind.

Most of comercial game companies are already lost their own passion and creativity for commercial success. Seriously, EPIDGames tries to find out the answer about this problem. So we make the first step from indie spirit. Paint Heroes will be a solution for indie and commercial game corporation.

  •  Cross-platform
  •  Ranking registration and backup through Facebook
  •  Fairy tale story without violence
  •  Unique Puzzle-Shooting mix genre
  •  Make the best use of three primary colors to save RGB world
  •  Shoot primary and mixed color at the right color
  •  Upgrade your skills and characters by complete achievement
  •  Enjoy ingenious bosses who have variety tactics and patterns
  •  Challenge Infinity mode and get limited character
  •  iOS, PC, Console version will be coming soon