2D Trading Card Game for smartphone and tablet for casual and mid-core users. Developed by EPIDgames, you play as a hero who warped into the world of Cards & Dungeons, and fight the way back to your world with other heroes. Cards & Dungeons will be launched in iOS, Android and PC Platform.

Every living soul have their own destiny, even though you are the worst kind of shlemiel. Interesting fact. It is definitely not your fault that you fall into unknown warp gate suddenly. However, the world is totally changed when you wake up in an unfamiliar forest. There are many weird living thing like monsters which you see in the fantasy books. How can you survive and return to your world?

Evolutionary battle system what you never seen before! Card & Dungeons tears down an typical 1 vs 1 card fight system without any battle motion. You can make your own battle formation against your enemy like strategy-simulation games. Over 250 stages including event dungeons and limited raid boss should be interesting challenge for you. Moreover, there is an unique chance that you can be a boss of this world if you beat all other challengers in the colosseum. Now, collect & upgrade your heroes, beat the enemies and become the conquerer of Card & Dungeons.

  •  Free-to-play
  •  Supports Cross platform
  •  Available automatic fight and collect random treasure box
  •  Ranking registration and backup through Facebook
  •  Unlimited PvP fight based on Colosseum system
  •  2D Trading card game with fabulous illustrations
  •  Turn the game around by awaken chance
  •  Over 250 stages including event dungeons and limited raid bossr