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Game Development

EPIDGames works with veteran developers who have been developing games since 1990s. There is no limitaion for development method from basic development tool to latest one such as Oculus rift. As well as our team can be create any genre in any platform.


Collaboration development explains A to Z of EPIDGames literally. We strongly believe that a new paradigm of the next gaming generation should be coming from indie-spirit. To prove this, EPIDGames makes a relationship with Sogang University to create a new history, Paint Heroes, the first industry-university collaboration project. A lot of things are being supported to complete this unique game: fund support, graphic remodeling, quality analysis, project management, business model, lead programming etc. what we do for student’s amazing passion and ingenious idea.

Real-Time Analysis

21st Century is called by the age of big data. In more detail, various industry fields specially IT, game industry require real time data mining because most games are affected by customer’s real-time behavior. This point cannot be stressed too much. Real-Time Analysis, problem management based on client behaviour pattern reduces defection rate with profitability improvement. EPIDGames already collect valueable data and know-how of real-time analysis as above from many trials and errors on 5Rocks tool.

Graphic Design

Specialised in unique 2D art and animation graphics: Paint Heroes and Card & Dungeons are 100% self-designed by EPIDGames, illustaration, UI, effect, movie and so on. Our graphic design is not, of course, confined to 2D. It includes most part of game graphic even if EPIDGames makes virtual reality game next. Please contact us via email if you want to see our portfolio in detail.

Cross-Platform Launch

EPIDGames absolutely believes that cross-platform launch is pretty rare and powerful skill on the global startup ecosystem. Don’t you like to play F2P mobile game? No problem. You can also enjoy “Paint Heroes” on PC and Console soon.


Every People Is Different.”

We value uniqueness; something quite different but apt.
EPIDGames is cross-platform game development company especially iOS, Android, PC and HTML5 platform such as Facebook Gameroom.
We were found as the mobile game startup in 2013, and now we become a cross-platform development company. As well as our team can create any genre on any platform with developers who have been developing games since the 1990s.
EPIDGames is also progressing the innovation challenge and aspires to create high-quality and satisfying games all the time.